2004 Alabama

Alabama Spring 2004 The difference between April, when we usually travel, and February, when this trip is taking place, is mostly crowds.  (It’s […]

2000 New England

One of the reasons Bruce is the King of Adventures is he finds great places and attractions. I would not have gone […]

1998 Knoxville TN

Knoxville & Tennessee 1998 The BACKSTORY My high school friend, Bob Luedeka, the progenitor of BNEA to a large extent, disappeared from […]

1997 Dallas TX

I did two tradeshows a year in Texas. The 1997 Dallas trip introduced us to attractions we returned to see again later […]

1996 Recording the CD

Music has been the most enduring interests in Bruces’ life, He recorded the ’45 in 1978. The studio was in the basement […]

1993 Farm Aid Concert

Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Neil Young established Farm Aid to help farmers recover from weather losses. Bruce decided it would be […]

1978-1979 Minneapolis

In 1978 I was selling printing for a Chicago company who gave me a gold American Express card without any adult supervision. […]