2024 FloridaJacksonville Arboretum

24arboretum 01
Good signage gives you a description of what you see.
24arboretum 02
More good signage.
24arboretum 03
Still more good signage.
24arboretum 04
This is the irritated turtle.
24arboretum 08
Bruce is having a Dr. Doolittle moment with a turtle. He almost lost a finger when the little guy tried to bite him.
24arboretum 11
Moss covered turtles swimming around unsupervised.
24arboretum 14
Turtles covered in moss was also a first for me. Bruce had seen this before, just not here.
24arboretum 18
You get it. Keep your hands away lest you become lunch.
24arboretum 23
24arboretum 25
One of a very few colorful flowers amidst the greenery.
24arboretum 29
Also a future greeting card.
24arboretum 31
These will be a greeting card someday.
24arboretum 33
I have never seen these before.