2023 Buffalo New York Adventure

We’re pretty sure this is our 62nd trip. Buffalo should have been checked off the list two years ago but I had emergency gall bladder surgery so it was canceled. It was a five day trip where most of the others are four days. We covered a lot of ground in New York and Pennsylvania. Some of Bruce’s best finds kept us busy all week.


Sunday was both high and low point attractions. I arrived about an hour before Bruce and we immediately went to Canada. The high point was simply getting into Canada. (This time we had our passports unlike the last time when we didn’t and bluffed our way into Canada and back into the USA! “We don’t need passports. Check your official website.”)

Whirlpool Aero Car. We went to Canada  to see this.  It is a Cable Car Ride over the Niagara River (website) The website said: “Witness spectacular views of the swirling Niagara Whirlpool and the river’s Class 6 rapids as you soar 3,500 feet across the Niagara Gorge.” 

What the website didn’t say was the entire ride was about 10 minutes but that is stretching it a bit. We had high hopes but instead we found ourselves at one of the bottom 10 attractions in 61 trips. The photos give you a good idea of what it is but don’t take the trip. The photos tell the entire story and save you from sitting in traffic waiting to  get into Canada at the border. Click Here for the Story and Photos

The Bird Kingdom (website) was the savior of the day. It is the largest free flight aviary in Canada and is worth the trip and the cost. Besides having excellent exhibits it has free underground parking. Don’t laugh. Parking a block away was $35! Click Here for the Story and Photos


Don’t let the 3 attraction day fool you. We walked a lot and saw a lot.

Reinstein Woods Nature Center– (website) Check this page for the largest lily pond we have ever seen. Also it is worth the look for the Blue Heron. Click Here for the Story and Photos

Letchworth State Park (website) We went here to see waterfalls and did. We also saw rain and lots of pretty scenery. Click Here for the Story and Photos

Buffalo Botanical Garden (website) We do a lot of botanical gardens and nature centers. This is one of the best that we have visited. Lots of plants in several galleries, most which have descriptive signs. Click Here for the Story and Photos


Robert H. Treman State Park. (websiteWhat a nice find. A couple of small waterfalls and a large swimming area with really cold water. Click Here for the Story and Photos

Watkins Glen State Park. (website) Beyond cool. Really. I was pretty sure that Bruce wanted to kill me after visiting this place. The walk was not strenuous but it wasn’t easy. The photos are interesting. Click Here for the Story and Photos


Pine Creek Gorge State Park–  (website) Known as the Grand Canyon of the East.  Look at it just for the vultures. Click Here for the Story and Photos
Pennsylvania Lumber Museum– (website) YOU REALLY NEED TO SEE THESE PHOTOS. If you want to have a reason to visit Pennsylvania, this is good enough. Click Here for the Story and Photos


Rock City (websiteAmazing rock formations. Click Here for the Story and Photos

Nannen Arboretum (websiteA very nice private arboretum. Click Here for the Story and Photos

Griffis Sculpture Park (websiteMore than 100 sculptures. Click Here for the Story and Photos

Tifft Nature Preserve (websiteA small nature center in the city. Click Here for the Story and Photos