2023 Long Island New York- Coe Mansion and Planting Fields

Coe Mansion and Planting Fields (Their Website)

The Coe Mansion is located on a 409 acre property and is one hundred years old. Read about it on their website. We took a tour of the house and had a terrific docent. leading it.

23coe 01
The story behind Planting Fields and Coe Mansion
23coe 02
A view of the property in the '20's
23coe 03
The mansion is classic Tudor architecture.
23coe 04
The stained glass is a restored original
23coe 09
These hand painted murals by a prominent artist of the day adorn the walls of the small dining room.
23coe 10
The birds are on the ceiling.
23coe 11
They feature western scenes and there is a Buffalo Bill Cody bronze statue.
23coe 16
The mud room for horse riders.
23coe 19
The big dining room set up for a conference.
23coe 20
The upstairs bedroom section of the house.
23coe 21
The owners bathroom.
23coe 25
The owners bedroom.
23coe 27
Missess owners bedroom.
23coe 40
Path to the garden.
23coeartists 01
These women were painting flowers in a class
23coeartists 02
Bruce struck up a conversation
23coeartists 03
They are very good artists
23coeartists 05
Another artist.
23coemansion  03
Bruce is checking out the interior of the pool house.
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