2023 Long Island New York- The Long Island Music Hall of Fame

Long Island Music Hall of Fame Museum  (Their website)

It is early in the Adventure and the map took us to the wrong place but we finally found this wonderful small museum. The exhibits are top notch and if you’re a Billy Joel or Joan Jett fan you will love it here. The cherry on top are is the staff. “Nice” is too restrictive of a review. “Excellent” is better. Lili, Denice and Steve were our guides and we had a terrific time with them.

23limhof 01
We were very excited until we were told they just park their bus here. Back we went about 18 miles to get to the proper place.
23limhof 05
We arrived and Denice and Steve were our guides. Very knowledgeable and just nice.
23limhof 06
The map on the floor shows the location of all music venues on the island.
23limhof 07
Billy Joel's Harley.
23limhof 09
Long Island performers donated equipment for the display.
23limhof 11
This is the story about the Joan Jett car.
23limhof 12
This is Joan Jett's prized Jaguar XJS which then was the tippy top of the XJ line. When she returned home she did it in style.
23limhof 14
Joan in the elevator.
23limhof 23
Some of the best documentary and formal work by talented photographers. I know. I was once myself.
23limhof 28
Album covers are everywhere.
23limhof 30
Bruce chats with Denice. More of her later.
23limhof 33
Told you Denice would be back along with Lili.
23limhof 34
These are seriously fun gals. "...Party all night long" kind.
23limhof 35
Our official trip photo. Denice immortalized us.
23limhof 36
Bruce will remind me what he was showing them. Until then enjoy the range of emotion on the audience.