2023 Long Island New York- The Cradle of Aviation Museum

Bruce always finds at least one attraction that he knows I like and I like aviation museums. From Hill Air Force Museum to the Pima Air Museum we have been to dozens. This is one of the best. It is worth a trip to Long Island if you are an aviation buff. Besides one of the most interesting displays, it has an IMAX theater bigger than Long Island.

23cradle 0
The Cradle of Aviation Museum
23cradle 10
In the Spirit of St. Louis mockup.
23cradle 11
Bruce in the Spirit of St. Louis mockup.
23cradle 12
School Kids artwork.
23cradle 13
I flew to Israel on this plane in June of 1963.
23cradle 14
This is the cockpit display of the aircraft.
23cradle 15
The story of the plane,
23cradle 16
The IMAX sdcreen.
23cradle 17
What life aboard the Pan Am Clipper. Diana worked at Pan Am for 21 years.
23cradle 18
The list of airlines that became Pan Am.
23cradle 19
A copy of a flight timetable and schedule
23cradle 3
Sally Ride.
23cradle 4
The Pan Am display.
23cradle 9
The Spirit of St. Louis cockpit instrument panel photo.