2018 Knoxville TN

We revisited the 1998 Knoxville trip when my high school friend Bob Luedeka took us fishing. We went on the river again but this time Bob and Barb took us out on their Nordic Tug Boat. It is a magnificent boat and considerably better than what we were on in 1998! They planned a one year great circle trip on the boat after Bob’s retirement and were very excited. I had a chance to drive The Duck and understood their excitement.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Bob’s retirement gift was being diagnosed with five different cancers which ended his plans and life. He called and asked me for cannabis candy to stimulate his appetite and reduce nausea from the chemotherapy. I knew very little about medicinal marijuana so I took a crash course in it from internet articles, After purchasing eleven pounds of various marijuana strains from a friend, and learned about their medicinal properties, that led to my creating a medicinal cannabis company specializing in cancer and PTSD therapies.

Here are photos:

Ijams Nature Center and the University of Tennessee Garden

The Songbird Museum is in the Top 10 Best BNEA Attractions List.