2023 New York

We were in New York twice before, in 1985 when I lived in the city and in 2008 in Albany (one of […]

2018 Knoxville TN

We revisited the 1998 Knoxville trip when my high school friend Bob Luedeka took us fishing. We went on the river again […]

2022 Arizona Revisited

We have been traveling since 1978 and, while most trips are quite a trip, some are more “quite” than others. This was […]

2021 Montana

In our never ending quest to travel to all 50 states Montana kept falling off the schedule because the drive times between […]

2018 Oregon revisited

We really love Oregon. We did it again. Thursday Portland Rose Garden Without doubt, the best collection of roses we’ve ever seen! […]

2014 Portland OR revisited

The first Portland trip was one of our best and Bruce decided to go back. We hit fewer places but spent more […]

2008 Albany NY

Lest it not be evident to even the most casual observer, the reason I like traveling with Bruce is that every day […]

2006 Kansas

Kansas August 23-26, 2006 Check off another state! Kansas bites the dust. And dust may be the operative word. We have started […]

2005 Georgia

Excellent Adventure to Georgia February 11-13. 2005 Every trip we do has an overarching theme. This trip’s theme turned out to be […]

2018 Scranton PA

One of Bruce’s Best. I couldn’t think of why we would go to Pe3nnsylvania but I trust Bruce in everything Adventures so […]

2004 Alabama

Alabama Spring 2004 The difference between April, when we usually travel, and February, when this trip is taking place, is mostly crowds.  (It’s […]

2000 New England

One of the reasons Bruce is the King of Adventures is he finds great places and attractions. I would not have gone […]

1998 Knoxville TN

Knoxville & Tennessee 1998 The BACKSTORY My high school friend, Bob Luedeka, the progenitor of BNEA to a large extent, disappeared from […]

1997 Dallas TX

I did two tradeshows a year in Texas. The 1997 Dallas trip introduced us to attractions we returned to see again later […]