2021 Montana

In our never ending quest to travel to all 50 states Montana kept falling off the schedule because the drive times between attractions was further than Bruce wanted to drive. We finally decided to go there and it turned out to be one of my favorite trips. It was one of our best. I drove from San Diego because airfare and rental car would have busted my bank account. The drive took 17 hours and was very interesting. It was a portent of things to come.

We stayed at Glacier National Park at a ski resort. The accommodations were not up to our usual fare but it was interesting driving up and down the mountain to get anywhere. Most everything was in Kalispell but the hotel was in Whitefish. While everything was interesting, take a good look at the Gattis flowers. That alone was worth the trip.

Whitefish Mountain (Their website)


Lake Macdonald Boat Tour (Their Website)


Gattis Garden (Their Website)

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Creston Fish Hatchery (Their Website)

Libby Dam (Their Website)

Teddy Roosevelt National Park (Their Website)