2007 Maryland and Delaware

August 2007

Sing it… “Duh duh duh… anotheronebitesthedust…. da da da… anotheronebitesthedust… and anotherone…” oh, you get the idea. The list is getting smaller by the year. This trip takes Maryland and Delaware off the list and some cool things happened.  The page is worth spending time on. Have fun.

Cylburn Arboretum – Baltimore

This is a nature preserve and city park. Situated on about 200 acres of public land, it has a neat old mansion and very different plant displays. These photos are mostly from the formal gardens.

(Click here for their website.

National Aquarium- Baltimore


While it is a National site, it is an OK aquarium. There are some very interesting things here. While it isn’t quite at the level of Monterey California it is very good. If you are an aquarium fan don’t overlook  Oklahoma in Jenks)

National Wildlife Refuge


One of the best visitor centers in the National Wildlife Refuge system. This alone is a reason to find it. (Don’t even think about stopping on the road to take a photo. However, because they discourage that, I am morally bound to try. I don’t listen. I got some really good photos!)

Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge


It is probably a cool place in the fall but in August it is the most bug infested place on earth, or at least where we’ve been. I don’t recommend it during the summer. I do, however, recommend it if you are in training for the Olympic Jumping Back Into The Car finals.

07BNEA baltimore d2 01
Bruce went down the path until the bugs chased him back to the car.

Baltimore Inner Harbor

w07BNEA Baltimore 17
These sailors were from a Brazilian ship, visiting Baltimore.
w07BNEA Baltimore 18
I just thought this was a nice touch.
w07BNEA Baltimore 19
The Brazilian ship.
w07BNEA Baltimore 20
There is a blue crab in the water. Bruce never saw one in the wild and on the dinner table.

Attman’s Deli- Baltimore


“Selling is like shaving… if you don’t do it everyday, you’re a bum.” (Harry Attman)

w07BNEA Baltimore 16
This is the street theater. The guys are towing the car. Ultimately, they talked the driver out of taking it away by giving him four hotdogs.
w07BNEA Baltimore Attman 1
Attman's Famous Deli.
w07BNEA Baltimore Robin
Robin is getting married later this year and I offered to take her pictures. There is more to the story but I don't have time to write it today.

Salisbury Zoo

07BNEA baltimore d2 09
wD20 6378
Bruce liked this little fellow.
wD20 6398
Bruce watches his second favorite animal, the otter. He otter like them simply because they are cute. They are also vicious little fucks.
wD20 6403
Every pine tree likes a little bird with a huge tail from time to time.
wD20 6414
Millie thinks this has something to do with strollers but nobody is really sure.
wD20 6417
I think this was the first time Bruce ever did this. Ever. I didn't know he knew how to take a photo.
wD20 6419
An example of how good the 18-200 VR Nikon is when used by a persistent pro like me.
Bruce adds another Gift Shop Girls photo to the collection.
My tribute to a famous photographer whom I admired.
BNEA 07-Maryland 05-2
He usess a variety of maps and we love Visitor Center maps of their area.

The Crab House Restaurant in Delmar

07BNEA baltimore d2 10
"This is a fine product."
07BNEA baltimore d2 11
"C W A B B I E... that is what you are to me... Cwabbie." The women next to us eating blue crabs.
wD20 6423
The traffic heading to the restaurant.

Toby’s Dinner Theater – Columbia, MD

BNEA 07-Maryland 08-2
I have seen this three times including their off Broadway Run and this performance was star quality.