1997 Dallas TX

October 1997
The one enduring memory we have from this trip is Fossil Rim Wildlife Preserve. It was really great the first time and Bruce went back twice more with his wife to do the overnight program. Fossil Rim is the wildlife attraction that all others are measured against. The animals have been there so long that they are fearless. You haven’t lived until a giraffe sticks his head in your window and sucks the entire cup of food out of your lap with a 12 inch tongue. (That alone is a pretty impressive sight.)

I like lots of places and among them are Dallas and Ft. Worth. If I can ever find the negative strips with the downtown fountain on them you will see why I like it. Add the Kimball Art Museum, the Sid Richardson Western Museum and Billy Bob’s Dancehall and Bar and you have the makings of a screaming good Texas time!

wBNEAdallas 01
On the Kinney street Trolly