Our Story

Bruce and I met in DeKalb, Illinois in 1973. We started our friendship in 1978 and took our first road trip to Champaign Illinois during The Great Blizzard of 1979. Bruce is the Director of all our trips. He starts by doing exhaustive research, in the library at the beginning and now in the Google Age to plan the itinerary. He pays for food and admissions. I am the historian of the Adventures. Using a variety of cameras over the years I have chronicled the adventures. I pay for rooms and cars.

We started our Excellent Adventures traveling together in 1986. Since I lived in California and he lived in Illinois we made early trips with no particular plan. In 86 he was attending a sales meeting in Boulder Colorado and I flew in the day it ended the rest is history. We went to Royal Gorge and threw snowballs at trains and saw Pikes Peak. Our lives changed forever more.

As time went on we tweaked our system to fit changing lives. We try to do Adventures in April and August. In 1993 I started traveling nationwide for work 24 weeks a year. We planned our trips around where I started or ended on my schedule. I did five tradeshows a week, starting in one city and ending in another so the Adventure either started before the show week or started after it ended. For example, if the week started in Milwaukee and ended in Louisville we would either do Wisconsin or Kentucky. Most trips started on Friday and ended on Tuesday. We drove an average of 400 miles in three or four days although our longest trip was 1100 miles around Arizona. We have an affinity for nature preserves, aquariums, zoos, science centers and many diverse museums.
Bruce always finds the most unusual attractions and we aren’t ever bored. His record of finding interesting places is an incredible 96% with only a few disappointments. Often we have had moments where we were lost and found cool things not planned.

We have traveled in almost all 50 states with a few still to do in the future. Take a look at the TripMap for photos and captions of our adventures.

Thanks for visiting.

Nowell Wisch
Bruce Edelson