Minneapolis in 1978 was my Out-Of-Town territory and I started traveling there in 1978. Bruce was going through a transition period and needed some distraction so I brought him on the trip. He was spending a lot of time playing guitar and I had some free time and money so I bought a Fender Mustang in light blue. It came with a hard travel case and I built a small battery powered amp into it.

Back then, Bruce wore painter’s pants, t-shirts and colorful suspenders. He had a foot long Afro haircut and he looked like a ‘70’s rock star. Minneapolis was becoming a cool town and The Longhorn Bar, which opened in 1977 as a jazz nightclub changed formats to rock and punk. It was modeled after CBGB’s (see the 1985 trip page) the New York City nightclub.

We stayed at the old Radisson Hotel in downtown and during the day Bruce played guitar and I sold printing to Liberty Box Company. At night we did dinner and one evening went to The Longhorn to see Bruce’s friend Wazmo Nariz, a Chicago musician who wore two skinny ties and was the headliner. Bruce met a girl and asked if she wanted to smoke a doobie. She said she couldn’t leave because she was ‘only seventeen’ and couldn’t get back in. Bummer for Bruce. She was cute.

The Longhorn Bar story

While standing around waiting for the music to start the opening act walked through the crowd and onto the stage. It was Sting and The Police on their first US tour! They walked past us, played about five songs and walked off. Amazing. Many years later we can still say we saw an international rock band on their first time here. It was one of two highlights of the trip, the first being when the maid came into the hotel room, saw Bruce with the guitar and screamed, “Its Billy Joel!”

We did Minneapolis twice, coming back in 1979. It has its own trip page for you to check out. It has one of the best Excellent Adventures stories and is worth a look. No photos from either trip because I didn’t start recording our trips until 1986.