New York City
October 21-23, 2005

The last time Bruce was in New York was in 1984 after I moved there to live with DJ. He was pretty freaked out by the experience. In the next twenty years he went frequently and even spent the night on the floor in La Guardia Airport during the Great East Coast Blackout of 2003. Since he survived that just fine, we decided to do an adventure in the Big Apple after my show and his customer visit. This is a first for us. It was our first Big City Adventure.

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

I'm not Penn and Teller but I'm going to take you behind the scenes of a BNEA trip. It always starts out with an itinerary which Bruce meticulously researches at the library and the Internet.

This time, however, a first occurred. I had to plan the order of the trip because I have extensive knowledge of NYC. I got everything planned and Friday was a hit. We did all three things on the list and, NO "U" turns!

Our first stop was Times Square and on the way he noticed The Brill Building. This is one of the most famous places in all of music. It's history is found on the official Brill Building Website.

Click Here to See

He can prove he went to Times Square.

We also hit the Virgin Mega Store.

The Tush.

The Face Above The Tush.

"Why is this place so famous?"

Bruce's photo will be on the wall soon. Up there with Alice Cooper and Bruce Hornsby.

One half of a 1/2 pastrami and 1/2 corned beef combo. We took it home. We're going to donate it to a starving village in some third world country. They will eat for a month.

At the Rose Center for Earth and Space


On the subway.

Our car mates on the subway.
Saturday, October 22, 2005
We start the day late. Bruce slept in. 12 hours worth. By the time we got on the road, it was raining and overcast and cold. First Stop, Brooklyn Bridge, Second stop J&R Music World, Third stop Battery Park, Fourth stop Statue of Liberty park, Fifth stop Empire State Building. Sixth stop CBGB night club. We walked about ten miles. I'm tired.

Early in the day and the cabs are out in force.

We had the rest of our Carnegie Deli dinner for breakfast. We traded. I took the brisket and Bruce took the Corned Beef and Pastrami combo.

The subways are places of transportation and entertainment. This group of break dancers did a land office business.

A first. Bruce sets off by himself toward new territory... Brooklyn. It's never happened before. Probably never again.

We're heading there later.

Tourists. Sheech.

Brooklyn Bridge without tourists.

I wonder what the City of New York has against Bob Salt?

We went to J&R Music, Video, Photo, Personal Grooming, Audio, Zoological Association, Planetarium, Car Lot... wait, I got a little carried away. However it is in four buildings and has most of what you want. I want a 10.5mm Nikon Fisheye.

I ain't no Art Shay. I'm trying but I'm still young. This is our Art Shay tribute.

(Or it is our tribute to pigeons. I forget.)

On the way to Battery Park, Bruce stops to quiz a fisherman. The fisherman didn't speak english but that didn't stop bruce.

This is the fish the guy caught. We don't know what kind of fish it is. If you know, please email me and tell me.

Here he is watching a guy pull the legs off of crabs and cut them in half to use for bait.

This is all we can show you of the process.

We are a PG rated website and it is too graphic for women and children.

I haven't read the next photo to tell you what this is but the person on the mast and the helicopter make an interesting composition.

This is about the boat to the left.

OK, here goes... Sing this song:

"Rudolph the red nosed crane, dear..."

The Empire State Building is very windy and cold today.

Everybody is freezing their... off.

This is Francesco and Carissa. They get their own page. Click Here
There is a story to this but I'm going to bed now and will have to tell it tomorrow. G'day, mate.
Sunday, October 23, 2005
Today was a better day. No rain, some sun, but cold, cold, cold !!!  We got up really early and went to the Statue of Liberty. Then, to the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center. Finally, to the Museum of Radio and Television to watch old TV programs. Finally, to Chinatown for dinner. Early to bed... got to get up early to go to work and home.

While you are waiting to get on the boat, you can buy things from the numerous vendors. You can bargain with them, too.

Pssst... hey buddy, need a Rolex?

It is pretty cold out here.

The original pre-renewal torch from the statue.

Such a face...

This is what is holding the statue up from the inside.

At Rockefeller Center. I had to pee after viewing this.

30 Rock

The skating rink is open at Rockefeller center

One of the plants. I want a salad.

The '21' club and restaurant next door to the Television and Radio Museum.
and that is it for Bruce and Nowell's Excellent New York City Adventure!

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