Alabama – February 2004

The difference between April, when we usually travel, and February, when this trip is taking place, is mostly crowds.  (It’s been somewhat difficult since it is over the February 29th Leap Year which is DJ and my 5th anniversary of meeting in San Diego 20 years ago. I bought her a dozen beautiful silk roses to apologize for this  first ever slight and I hope this will make her happy.) Bruce and I were both working very hard and needed the break and we got lucky with good weather. . 

This trip was so vast that it set a new record of sorts for sheer diversity. It was made all the more poignant when the entire area we visited was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina 18 months later in 2005.

We started in New Orleans after an NSA Show and went east on I-10. The first day’s stops included the Scott Aquarium in Biloxi, Mississippi. This facility has some very interesting exhibits and sea life. The big turtle was the most interesting of them.