Portland Adventure

Portland was the coolest trip we've taken if you judge it by the stuff we saw. From Sea to Mountains, the Portland theme was diversity and fish. The Ecola Park Lighthouse took a lot of work to make the movie but it is very cool. Check out the 8 photo sequence of the lighthouse being eaten by waves.

Next, look over the general photos in the middle then, when you are ready for the really interesting, go to the bottom of the page for the Kayak Kids saga.

The Ecola Park Lighthouse 

Ecola Park is on the ocean. Serene and hilly, it is a quiet place to visit. The lighthouse is on an island about a half mile off shore. Under high waves it shows up under water.

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The "I don't remember the name" Aquarium

I remember the place and the rain but I cannot remember the name. it was a tourist place and the photo of the seals watching Bruce watching them is one of my favorites. Fred Jr. is in homage to Fred, a large mouth bass that my friend Morgan kept in his kitchen.

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Ani the Anemone
Billy1.jpg (26796 bytes)
Fred Jr.
Jelly1.jpg (18417 bytes)
Jelly Fish
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Ethel and Fred watch Bruce watching them.
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Bubbles1.jpg (72169 bytes)
I'm forever blowing bubbles
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Octo1.jpg (46828 bytes)
Who can believe an octopus?
Trump1.jpg (58861 bytes)
Weird fish
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Foam1.jpg (26572 bytes) HaystackRock.jpg (10860 bytes)
Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach
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The Kayak Kids

Not often, but sometimes we get lucky and run into something really unusual on our trips.  There was that time when this happened to us... no, wait, it wasn't unusual. 
Well then, it must have been when we... no, wait, it wasn't unusual either.

I guess this is a first! Bruce mapped out a day featuring a visit to seven waterfalls along the Columbia River. I think he did it to kick my butt. For whatever reason, we found ourselves at Bridal Veil Falls where we got to watch two imminently crazy kids fly their kayaks off a 140 foot high  and 40 foot wide waterfall. (Of course if you are in Law Enforcement, everything on this page was done in Photoshop and the names are fictitious. That's my story and I'm stickn' to it.)

(To read the story, click here)

This is Amy's run.
Bruce says, "I think it's a girl in that boat." 
I said, "No Way!"


This is LJ's run. 
He got buried in the water at the end. 
We thought he was a goner.
It is sort of like watching NASCAR.
You wait for the accidents.
We were relieved to see him ok and well. 

Other Photos from the run.

Amy's run LJ's run Misc. Photos
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The Daredevils
LJ (left) and Amy (Right) are roommates at the University.  These kids fit right in, plunging into icy water from on high.
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The Support Team including the daredevils.

Left to Right: Syrus, Karl Moser, LJ Groth, Nat, Trip Jennings, Amy Jimmerson

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The Filmmakers. Even they were daredevils, judging from the way they hang from cliffs holding video cameras. Sort of reminds you of the Triple X movie.
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The Stalwart 
(his leg is in a cast) Anyone who can climb around rocks and hills in a leg brace deserves his own photo.
03030503.jpg (17575 bytes) 03030541.jpg (23331 bytes) KayakKids6.jpg (51456 bytes)
Getting to the top. Remember that these boats weigh in at about 47 lbs. each.

The story fascinates me. The number of situations that had to come together to make this happen is numerically significant. We could have easily missed the entire thing had we done any number of things for a minute more or a minute less than what we took. Had we stopped for breakfast at someplace other than Jack In The Box we might not have these photos.   

I noticed the Kayak Kids making their way down the path when we rounded the final curve in the path to the Falls. Then, when we started up the hill to the Observation Platform, the video crew was doggin' our heels. I had no idea what was up until I noticed the colorful kayaks moving up the hillside toward the top. 

We got to the Observation Platform and took up a position below the videographers with a clear shot through the trees, to the center of the Falls. I had about 200 shots left on the card and decided to put it in High Speed mode and document this event, having figured out what was going to happen. It turned out that my 8 shot buffer was just barely good enough to catch everything. 

Here is Karl's email to me:

Hey, nice job on the website.  I'm very impressed with how the photos came out.  After Bridal Veil we drove up to Hood River and ran a rapid called
Heaven and Hell.  It's a very large technical run that starts with a must make move and ends with a 15 foot waterfall.  Trip and LJ both ran it and
had clean lines.  Wish you had been there.  You should check out our site, it's almost finished.


Support Team Photos: (from left to right)
Syrus, Karl Moser, J Growth, Nat, Trip Jennings, Amy Immersion

If you have any other questions, feel free to write.
Karl "The Stalwart" Moser
1795 Augusta St.
Eugene OR  97403

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