Ah, Arizona... what a truly classic BNEA. Actually, it was somewhat unique in that it was the first time we redefined the word "road" in road trip. Driving 1734 miles in four days and completely circled Arizona challenged us. Going south from Phoenix Airport all the way up the eastern side mountains, across the top through Painted Desert and Flagstaff, down the western side through Jerome and Arcosanti, we finally returned to Phoenix Airport.

The number of interesting things was almost uncountable but if you think being attacked by wild Javalina's at George Washington's Penis on the Blue River was the most bizarre sight, it was not. Believe me... weirder things happened. As I find more photos from the trip, I'll continue to post and give captions. Hopefully we can find a photo of the Stafford Pancake Breakfast gang. Maybe we'll get the explosions at the Kennicott Copper Mine and the saloons in Jerome. Perhaps there is a picture of the Arcosanti school somewhere. Lots of memories to share.

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