Omaha 2008

Nebraska has been crossed off the list. That only leaves Utah, North Dakota, Montana and Connecticut Adventures to plan for the future. In the last 22 years (wow... has it been that long?) we've done some interesting things. Every trip is an adventure and this one was no different. The highlight was, predictably, Tim Bryson's Airboat Tour of the Platt River. After all, add a high horsepower Av Gas fueled engine to a polymer skinned boat that can drive over sand bars, rocks and sunken boats and lake junk and you get an experience.

Add to that the usual Nature Preserves, Aquariums and Zoo's and you get a great BNEA page. Enjoy.

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Tim Bryson's Airboat Tour of the Platt River

This was the first day activity and it was the highlight of the trip.
We have good photos as well as a YouTube movie.
I say, "Book It.. Danno.!" Just go and do it and tell Tim we say "Hi!"

Click Here for their website.

Click Here for the YouTube movie.

The Airboat uses a high performance Chevy engine that burns AV gas.

It steers by using a pair of rudders just like on an airplane.

Tim's location on the Platt near Fremont.

Get your change out. He gives a good show for the money.

He stops often to point out eagles and other interesting things on the river.

"There's an eagle now!"

It is cold on the Platt in April. Dress warm.

It's a big river but not too deep.

Lots of eagles live in the area because their usual food supply, ducks, is quite plentiful.

Ducks make easy eating for eagles because they are just not especially aerodynamic. They fly slow and take a long time to get airborne.

A high flying eagle can divebomb a duck in a few seconds.

Before the rise of the EPA, they protected the river bank from erosion by dumping cars on the bank.

Tim occasionally stops and gives a nature lecture.

The back window of his pickup tells the story.

"By guys... come again sometime."

Henry Doorly Zoo

This is a world class facility. We've been to some really good zoos and I live in San Diego which has the
gold standard of world class zoos and I can attest that the Doorly Zoo is one that merits a special trip.

Click Here for their Website

Just a good looking bird.

Look... up in the air, it's a bird... it's a plane... it's a wallaby...

Javalinas... kiss and make up.

Bruce reads a plaque.

Javalinas kissing.

Now this is a guy that should be in an insurance commercial.

A gold plated Doorly lizard. Very rare.

Don't know what it is but Bruce liked it.

These kids really liked the zoo.

The gal the guys were preening for.


Fontenelle Nature Center

This is a very nice place. The trails are walkable and the people are nice and the exhibits are really good.

Click Here for their website



Lauritzen Omaha Botanical Garden

This place is big and requires walking and riding the tram. I think the best time to visit would be in summer when everything is in bloom. It was pretty bare in April but the trains are worth the trip.

Click Here for their website


DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge

We've been to a lot of Wildlife Refuges and a few of them have interesting exhibits but this is the gold standard of them all. They have a museum with the cargo of an 1860's riverboat that sank up river from their location.

Click Here for their website

Billy Froggs Bar

A good cheap dinner downtown.


Cook Bridge

On many trips, we travel to a disappointing destination. Cook Covered Bridge was the one on this trip.
It was a really bad choice but we don't say that to Bruce... to Bruce we say, "Well... ok."

The Air Force SAC Museum

I was a member of the Air Force Museum in Dayton and this is its mid US cousin. It is a very nice museum. Bruce crashed the space shuttle (I landed it safely!) and we took our official trip photo here.

Click here for their website.


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