Maryland and Delaware
August 2007

Sing it... "Duh duh duh... anotheronebitesthedust.... da da da... anotheronebitesthedust... and anotherone..." oh, you get the idea. The list is getting smaller by the year. This trip takes Maryland and Delaware off the list and some cool things happened.  The page is worth spending time on. Have fun.

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Cylburn Arboretum - Baltimore
This is a nature preserve and city park. Situated on about 200 acres of public land, it has a neat old mansion and very different plant displays. These photos are mostly from the formal gardens. (Click here for their website.
National Aquarium- Baltimore
While it is a National site, it is only an OK aquarium. There are some very interesting things here but overall, if you have to pick only one aquarium in the US to see, this isn't it. (Try this one: Oklahoma in Jenks)
National Wildlife Refuge
One of the best visitor centers in the National Wildlife Refuge system. This alone is a reason to find it. (Don't even think about stopping on the road to take a photo, however, because they discourage that. I don't listen, however, so I got some really good photos!)



The Bird Migration Video

This shows how migratory birds fly from one location to another during their migration. The National Wildlife Refuge system is in place to aid in their trip.

(Of course, some of them are in place so you can shoot the birds, too.)


Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge
It is probably a cool place in the fall but in August it is the most bug infested place on earth, or at least where we've been. I don't recommend it during the summer.

Bruce went down the path until the bugs chased him back to the car.
Baltimore Inner Harbor
They have revitalized the city here and they have done a terrific job.

I just thought this was a nice touch.

There is a blue crab in the water. Bruce never saw one in the wild and on the dinner table.

These sailors were from a Brazilian ship, visiting Baltimore.

This is the ship.
Attman's Deli- Baltimore
"Selling is like shaving... if you don't do it everyday, you're a bum." (Harry Attman)
Dinner and theater rolled into one. The food was good and the atmosphere was superb. We even had a car towed from in front that belonged to two of our room mates in the Kibitz Room. We met Robin, too. (Oh, I also bought a hat which I'm going to wear in Scotland where they don't make corned beef sheep sandwiches.)

Attman's Famous Deli.


Robin is getting married later this year and I offered to take her pictures. There is more to the story but I don't have time to write it today.

This is the street theater. The guys are towing the car. Ultimately, they talked the driver out of taking it away by giving him four hotdogs.
Salisbury Zoo
Really one of the little jewels that Bruce finds around the country. This is a free zoo run by a very good staff. They have a number of very interesting things as well as a great gift shop. (Say "Hi" to Ann, Millie and Mary when you go there and stick a fiver in the bear, too.)

My homage to Bruce Davidson's "Dialogue in Solitude" which has been out of print for 40 years.

Every pine tree likes a little tail from time to time.

Just a bug but a real test of the 10-200's ability to kill the background at wide apertures.

Bruce watches his second favorite animal, the otter. He otter like them simply because they are cute.  

Millie is sure that this has something to do with strollers but nobody is really sure.

Bruce liked this little fellow.

An example of how good the 18-200 VR Nikon is when used by a persistent pro like me.
Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge
This was the jewel of the wildlife refuges we saw on this trip. Besides giving me a chance to test the Panorama Builder function in Photoshop CS3 (superb! Way better than Realviz Stitcher Express (a complete dog)) The butterflies were very cool as was Babs in the gift shop.

Panorama at Butterfly Point at Eastern Neck

Our unofficial trip photo taken at the beach in Delaware. It doesn't rate an entire section but it was pretty cool.

A bird at the beach.
(I think this is one of the guys we saw hatching at Baird Glacier.)
The Crab House Restaurant in Delmar
We sat next to these women who ate a dozen crabs. Bruce never saw this before and was intrigued. He had a broiled plate and, since it was Friday, I had steamed shrimp and some fried clams.

The traffic heading to the restaurant.

"This is a fine product."

"C W A B B I E... that is what you are to me... Cwabbie." The women next to us eating blue crabs.
Toby's Dinner Theater - Columbia, MD
This is becoming a fixture on BNEA trips. It is our second dinner theater evening. Bruce never saw Little Shop Of Horrors so a good time was had by all. (Website)

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