Spring 2004

The difference between April, when we usually travel, and February, when this trip is taking place, is mostly crowds.  (It's been somewhat difficult since it is over the February 29th Leap Year which is DJ and my 5th anniversary of meeting in San Diego 20 years ago. I bought her a dozen beautiful silk roses to apologize for this  first ever slight and I hope this will make her happy.) Bruce and I were both working very hard and needed the break and we got lucky with good weather. . 

This trip was so vast that it set a new record of sorts for sheer diversity. It was made all the more poignant when the entire area we visited was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina 18 months later in 2005.

We started in New Orleans after an NSA Show and went east on I-10. The first day's stops included the Scott Aquarium in Biloxi, Mississippi. This facility has some very interesting exhibits and sea life. The big turtle was the most interesting of them. 

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Turtle.jpg (24608 bytes) Turtle2.jpg (32521 bytes)
Bellengrath Gardens, Mobile Alabama

The Bellengrath family was the first Coca Cola bottler in Alabama and they must have made a lot of money since they lived on an estate the size of Ocean Beach California. He created a large and expansive garden and lake complex that is now a national treasure. We strolled around and I offer these flower photos as evidence.

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Bellengrath1.jpg (28084 bytes) Bellengrath2.jpg (67369 bytes) Bellengrath3.jpg (13090 bytes)
Fred Jr.
Forest1.jpg (76949 bytes)
BruceFriend1.jpg (74629 bytes)
Bruce makes friends.
BruceTired.jpg (56962 bytes)
Bruce takes a snooze. He was lulled to sleep by the scenery.
BruceView1.jpg (71294 bytes)
This is the scene that put Bruce to sleep. I had a camera so I stayed awake.
Bee.jpg (27958 bytes)
Bee careful, y'a heear?
Tree1.jpg (26030 bytes)
This is some kind of tree.
Ball.jpg (24758 bytes) PensiveBruce1.jpg (58629 bytes) Bellengrath4.jpg (16635 bytes)
Fred and Ethel go for a  swim.
YeloFlower1.jpg (27058 bytes) YeloFlower11.jpg (27598 bytes) Tulip1.jpg (36678 bytes) YeloDaf1.jpg (35188 bytes)


ShyDaf1.jpg (19756 bytes)
Dauphin Island Ferry from Mobile

This is a neat little ferry boat that takes you on a half-hour ride across Mobile Bay. Besides the gulls, there are oil drilling rigs in the bay. 

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Gulls5.jpg (48273 bytes) Gulls4.jpg (39917 bytes) Gull4.jpg (33947 bytes)
The Boyz relax.
Gulls5.jpg (48273 bytes)
Gulls4.jpg (39917 bytes) BEferry1.jpg (35538 bytes) NowellFerry1.jpg (30750 bytes)
Gulls3.jpg (15469 bytes)
DrillPlatform1.jpg (56354 bytes)
This thing looks serious, dontchathink?
The Gulf Breeze Zoo
(click here for their website)

We thought this was the Pensacola Zoo but it turns out to be in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Why, you may ask, do we include Pensacola in the Alabama Trip? (Oh, go on... ask... it's ok...) It seems that Pensacola is only a few miles from the border and a zoo is something that shouldn't be missed so off we went. The title of this section is a hyperlink to the zoo's website if you want the official scoop. 

They have some interesting animals and a nifty train ride through an open area that is an imitation of the San Diego Wild Animal Park. 

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ZooBruceGirls.jpg (61927 bytes)
Bruce makes friends with the girls in the gift shop, Ann on the left, Danielle on the right. 
ZooBruceSnake1.jpg (51935 bytes)
This is an albino python... the snake, not the guy in the hat. We discover that snakes are not hollow. Also that I don't like them... snakes... not the guy in the hat. Him I like.
ZooBruce2.jpg (78404 bytes)
This girl drives the train. She gets to work at 5am and works until 1pm. 
ZooBruce1.jpg (49427 bytes)
We have to give a "thumbs up" to indicate that we're ready to roll.
ZooCaution.jpg (36161 bytes)
They really don't want you to get hurt on this little train, ok?
ZooSwans1.jpg (58897 bytes) ZooBruceFeed1.jpg (57918 bytes)
Bruce learns the difference between dry Giraffe tongue and wet furry thing tongue.
ZooDuck1.jpg (27658 bytes)
Monkey1.jpg (44146 bytes) Monkey2.jpg (70382 bytes)
ZooSwan2.jpg (18053 bytes) ZooBlackDuck2.jpg (26843 bytes) ZooBlackDuck1.jpg (238006 bytes) ZooBlackBird.jpg (40790 bytes)

Weeks Bay Reserve

The Weeks Bay Reserve is an estuary preserve that preserves wetland areas where rivers and salt water come together. Their website is and it is fascinating. Normally, you would expect to see photos of birds and other wild life at a site for this kind of place but not here! Nope... here you get the Weeks Bay Reserve Numbering System and the colored ribbons on Weeks Bay trees. 

Don't ask why... it is for Sandra. (You know who you are!)

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Weeks10.jpg (55737 bytes) Weeks32.jpg (54529 bytes) Weeks7.jpg (102499 bytes) Weeks11.jpg (42274 bytes)
WeeksBird1.jpg (38917 bytes) WeeksBird2.jpg (40366 bytes) WeeksBruce1.jpg (47721 bytes) WeeksPath.jpg (78321 bytes)
WeeksTree1.jpg (29887 bytes) WeeksTree4.jpg (23579 bytes) WeeksRibbon2.jpg (67331 bytes) Weeks42.jpg (28600 bytes)
WeeksRibbon1.jpg (27338 bytes) WeeksTree2.jpg (21472 bytes) WeeksTree5.jpg (45598 bytes) WeeksTree3.jpg (56459 bytes)

SSCBobbieBruce.jpg (53643 bytes)
Stennis Space Center

There isn't a page here but there is a story. Bruce is with Bobby Tate who is the nicest person we've met on this trip. She gave us our only souvenir of the trip. Click on her name to read about her.



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